GMS Enterprise System (Software-As-A Service)

As a cloud-based management system for various industries incorporated with greater functionalities to help you manage your business, we are specialized in reducing your manual work. Enter it once and you use it every time!!

Customer Management Module

SAVE TIME: Store each client's important information in one simple profile summary, for easy access throughout your day and to remind you in term usage and appointments too.

Product, Services & Package Management Module
Purchase Management Module
Sales Management Module

SELL EASILY: Products, services AND packages —you name it. All tied back to the customers who make the purchase automatically and facilitated with barcode features.

Staff Management Module

MANAGE STAFF: Effortless efficiency for you and your staff.
Keep the whole staff records in one place, and easily link everyone's work back to payroll.

Mater Set Up Configuration

CUSTOMIZE MAKE EASY: Customized based on your own industry it, starts from user account, commissions, incentives scheme, role, branch, country, etc.

Report Management Module
Home Dashboard

KNOW YOUR NUMBER that matters most. GMS SaaS tracks everything you need to know when it comes to your business goals.
Reports help you allocate your resources, budget effectively, and measure your success.

TRACK EXPENSES AND $$$: Other Tracking Modules: Expenses and deposit


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